The people who help us in Burkina Faso …

None of our work would be possible without people 'on the ground' to help us.  Every project needs to be overseen by someone local, someone who knows the locals and who understands the culture of the country.  Importantly, someone who speaks the language!  Whilst French is the official language, there are many local languages which are commonly spoken.  We are very grateful to everyone who works tirelessly for us, without pay, to help us achieve our aims.  

Thank you to .....

Website_Fr_PaulFather Paul, who was absolutely key, right from the start, to introducing us to lots of people and inspiring many projects.  Les Amis would not exist without his help and guidance.  


Website_Fr_CharlesFather Charles, who was right there at the very beginning in 2007.  Without his help in the diocese of Koupéla, many of our projects would not have got off the ground.  He is now in Ouagadougou but continues to be the main channel by which many of our funds are sent and distributed. 


Website_Br_AlbertBrother Albert, who is a missionary Franciscan Capuchin friar who, with other missionary Franciscan friars, lives and works in the suburbs of Ouagadougou.  He works alongside Pélagie to run our Yoann Foundation.  He is one of a number of friars who have led and taken responsibility for the running of the Yoann Foundation.

Website_Fr_LambertFather Lambert, who helps us to reach out to individuals and small groups of people.  Father Lambert takes amazingly good care of Gillie when she is in Burkina Faso, and is a great source of guidance and help to us.

Website_Fr_JacobFather Jacob is the parish priest in Gounghin where we are involved with the nursery and primary schools, and the St Monique Home for orphaned secondary school girls.

Website_Fr_PascalFather Pascal, who helps us to reach out to those girls who have left the St Monique Home in Gounghin and who have gone on to further education in Ouagadougou and Koudougou.

Website_Sister_FrancoiseSister Francoise, who looks after the girls of the Baskouré refuge with great dedication.


Website_Fr_GerardFather Gérard, who is based in Koupéla and runs the local branch of OCADES to which we make regular contributions.  OCADES gives girls and young women training in skills to enable their self-sufficiency.


Website_Fr_VincentFather Vincent, who is the secretary to the Bishop of Tenkodogo and whom we have known since he was a young seminarian.  He helps us to reach out to disadvantaged girls of the Tenkodogo diocese.


Website_Sr_AngeleSister Angèle, who oversees the St Joseph’s Training Centre in Fada where we support a number of girls in their training.


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