Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in Africa.  It is seldom in the news because it is politically stable.  However, poverty is very widespread and Les Amis is working to relieve the hardship of many individuals in whatever way it can













AIDS is a big problem in Burkina Faso.  In the dusty suburbs of Ouagadougou an Italian order of Camillians runs an AIDS hospital.  Funds are currently very low and wards have had to be closed.  Patients who would otherwise have received in-patient treatment are now no longer able to be looked after within the hospital.










Life for women is very hard.  This woman spends her day and sometimes the night beating the ground in order to create piles of gravel, which she will sell for about £1.  It is likely that her children are not in school because she cannot afford it.  Les Amis is conscious of the difficulties that women face and is committed to relieve their suffering.  Les Amis will also pay the school fees of a number of children throughout their school careers.    








These girls have run away from home to due the threat of an enforced marriage.  At this refuge they are housed, fed, given an education and training to enable them to be self-sufficient.

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